29 Frequently Asked Questions About Subway

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Who hasn’t heard of Subway? Anyone? They’re definitely one of my favorite fast food restaurants even though I usually order my sandwich to go. A sweet onion chicken teriyaki after work…something I treat myself once every few months.

In this article I dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about Subway. So let’s get started!

1. Should you tip at Subway?

No, it’s not necessary to tip at Subway. Subway employees earn minimum wage or more. It’s therefore not necessary to pay their employees a tip, even though you can. Tips are optional and people must decide for themselves if they want to pay a little extra or not.

2. Does Subway have a tip jar?

Yes, Subway has a tip jar. Even though it’s not necessary to tip, feel free to do so. Tips are used to fill up any shortage in the register or they’re spread among employees.

3. Are Subway employees allowed to take tips?

Yes, Subway employees are allowed to take tips. Tips are usually collected in a tip jar after which they’re divided among employees. Sometimes tips are used to compensate any unexpected expenses.

4. How much should you tip at Subway?

It’s not necessary to tip at Subway. If you want to tip, 15 – 20 percent of the total bill is a common and respectful amount. Tips are usually collected in their tip jar.

5. Does Subway count as fast food?

Yes, Subway counts as fast food. Fat food restaurants deliver their food and drinks quickly, which is what Subway offers. Furthermore, food at Subway is pre-cooked. This allows them to serve meals rapidly, which is what fast food is all about.

6. Do you get a free sandwich if you work at Subway?

In most cases, employees don’t get a free sandwich at Subway. They do however get a 50% discount most of the time. Depending on the manager, some employees could receive a free 6-inch sandwich after 4 hours of work.

7. What is the best sauce at Subway?

Even though tastes differ, some of the most popular sauces at Subway are Sweet Onion, Chipotle Southwest and BBQ. People also enjoy mayonnaise, either regular or mint. Honey mustard is sometimes preferred with turkey and ham sandwiches.

8. How do you store a Subway sandwich overnight?

One of the best ways to store a Subway sandwich overnight is by using plastic wrap. You open your bun, cover the inside with plastic wrap, add your ingredients on top and seal the plastic wrap. After that you close your sandwich and seal it entirely with a second layer of plastic wrap. Make sure to remove both layers of plastic wrap the next morning.

9. What sauce goes on Subway steak?

Even though it’s a matter of personal taste, many people prefer the Chipotle Southwest sauce on their steak. But there are many sauces to choose from, like the Garlic Aioli or the smoky honey mustard for example.

10. Does Subway just sell bread?

No, Subway doesn’t sell their bread without ingredients. Subway restaurants receive a certain amount of bread every week, and they need it for their clients. Your only option is to order a prepared sub.

11. Does Subway have ketchup?

The majority of Subway restaurants don’t offer ketchup. Most people visit their stores because of their popular sauces. If you want to add ketchup, you usually need to take your sandwich home and add it yourself.

12. How does Subway keep their vegetables fresh?

Vegetables at Subway are stored in a refrigerator and temperatures are checked continuously. All vegetable boxes are covered with plastic lids. This contributes to their freshness and avoids possible contamination.

13. How do I order a Subway sandwich?

Ordering a Subway sandwich is easy. First you tell the employee which sandwich you’d like to have. After that you choose the type of bread, if you want it toasted or not, which vegetables you prefer and if you’d like to add any sauces.

14. Does Subway charge extra for cheese?

Cheese is included with every sandwich at Subway. They could charge you for extra cheese. If this is the case, expect to pay $0.40 extra for a six inch sandwich and $0.80 for a foot long. Keep in mind that prices can change over time.

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15. Does Subway have yellow American cheese?

Yes, Subway restaurants have yellow American cheese. They offer white American cheese as well. Some stores allow you to also pick feta, cheddar, mozzarella among others.

16. Does Subway have mayo?

Yes, Subway has mayo. They have their own manufacturer for most of their sauces, including mayo.

17. What olives does Subway use?

Subway serves black Spanish olives on their sandwiches. They are sliced and limited amounts are usually added.

18. How many olives can you put on a Subway sandwich?

You usually get 3 olives on a six-inch sandwich and 6 olives on a footlong. Even though this is a set amount, it’s possible to ask for more. It depends on the restaurant.

19. Is there a limit to Subway toppings?

There’s no limit to Subway topping types. You can choose any topping you like, even multiple ones. The amount of topping is usually the same. If you want extra, simply ask for it.

20. Can you get 2 meats at Subway?

Yes, you can get 2 meats at Subway, also known as Double Meat. They will charge you extra, but the amount differs between restaurants. On average you pay $1.50 extra for a six inch sandwich and $3.00 for a footlong sandwich.

21. Does Subway sell French fries?

No, Subway does not sell French fries. It wouldn’t fit into their Eat Fresh campaign, and a typical frying smell could annoy some customers. Who knows if they might use air fryers in the future, but I wouldn’t count on it.

22. Does Subway sell hotdogs?

No, Subway doesn’t sell hotdogs. Back in 2013 a Japanese Subway restaurant gave it a try by offering a sausage in their footlong subs. However, this was a holiday season special. As far as I know, hotdogs are not on their menu at this moment. If you’re a hotdog fan, consider to also read my article about the invention of the hotdog.

23. Why is Subway always out of meatballs?

The meatballs at Subway often run out for several reasons. The meatball marinara is a popular sandwich with makes them run out of meatballs fast. Preparing new meatballs takes longer than with any other meal because they need to cook. Subway is only able to prepare new ones at specific times. Meatballs are stored in pretty big bags. If they would open one of these bags before closing time a good amount would end up in the trash. That’s why some of their restaurants refill their meatballs only in the morning.

24. How hot is the oven at Subway?

Subway ovens usually heat up between 400 and 500 degrees. They call it a speed oven because hot air is blown against your food to save time. It also makes the outside crispy.

25. Can you refill drinks at Subway?

Yes, you can refill drinks at Subway as long as you stay in their store. If you leave and come back later, this rule doesn’t apply anymore. In that case you’ll need to order and pay for a new drink.

26. Why is Subway chicken spongy?

Subway chicken can be spongy because it’s pre-cooked. Heating up your chicken causes it to dry out faster. Furthermore, a low amount of fat contributes to a possible spongy consistency. Be reminded that fast food chains usually serve pre-cooked meals, which is one of the reasons why your food arrives so quickly.

If you’re a chicken lover, consider to also read my interesting facts about Chick-Fil-A. Or, for all you KFC-lovers out there, I also have an article that covers some frequently asked questions about KFC.

27. Can you have Subway sauces on the side?

If you ask the employee they will put your sauces on the side. This could be a good idea if you plan to eat your sandwich later. Some people heat up their meal at home or at work. Adding a fresh sauce at that moment could make it taste better.

28. Why is my Subway gift card frozen?

A Subway gift card can be frozen whenever there’s an alarming purchase. Examples include placing loads of separate orders in a short timeframe, or using different gift cards all at once. Employees at your local Subway are not able to unfreeze your card.

29. Why do people like Subway so much?

Many people like Subway because of their tasty food. Some think it’s their sauces while others say their meals are fresh. Whatever the reason, having a tasty sandwich served in a short timeframe is something many people enjoy.

Fun Fact: Did you know there are actual fast food socks (Tortilla, Burgers, Pizza etc)?

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Final Thoughts

If you ever visit a Subway restaurant, maybe these tips and tricks will help you out. Their employees are usually very friendly and happy to help you out as well. Keep in mind that at times it can be very busy and employees need to stay concentrated. That’s also one of the reasons why I create these lists.

In case you still have any remaining questions, consider to visit the Subway website. That’s where they list all of their sandwiches and explain the reward system. Their app is quite helpful as well.

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