Sandwich Makers: Automated Breakfast In Only 5 Minutes

sandwich makers review

Since sandwich makers gain popularity, I decided to cover one of the most famous and best selling options out there: The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Maker!

I’ll first cover the basics and answer some frequently asked questions, after which I’ll go into product details and my personal verdict. Hopefully it’ll make it easier for anyone who considers to grab one. Alright, let’s jump right into the juicy details.

What Are Sandwich Makers Called?

Even though most people refer to them as sandwich makers, some people call them sandwich toasters, sandwich cookers or sandwich irons. In my personal opinion they’re not exactly a toaster or cooker. I get why some call it an iron, but it doesn’t make sense since an iron is often used for toasties or waffles. Since the end result is an actual sandwich with ingredients like bacon and eggs, I’ll stick with the sandwich maker terminology. I hope that’s ok with you.

Do Breakfast Sandwich Makers Work?

Yes, they definitely work great for an easy breakfast or lunch (or an in between snack). However, keep in mind that there are a few things to know about in order to create that tasty snack. For example, if you prefer to add some meat, make sure it’s precooked. Quite obviously boneless. I’d say don’t add anything directly from a freezer, of course a fridge is ok. You want this to be done in about 5 minutes. You can add eggs, cheese, vegetables and it’ll all work just fine.

Are Sandwich Makers Worth It?

Well, that depends on a few things: If you’re the busy kind of person who struggles to find the time to make a decent sandwich, then yes these machines are definitely worth a consideration. If you’re able to spend 30 bucks on something that’ll make your life a whole lot easier, then why not? In my opinion they’re a great addition to anyones kitchen, especially if you’re not the morning kind of person. The easy cleaning won’t grab a lot of time either, so yes, in my opinion these gadgets work great for busy (or maybe even lazy) people.

I’m sometimes tempted to search for fast food near me on a lazy day. Especially a Subway sandwich is just so yummy from time to time. However, considering my budget, this machine could be worth it after a certain amount of online orders..

What Are The Best Sandwich Makers?

I’ve always been a big fan of “Hamilton Beach” products. And yes, I know that some of my readers are now thinking “Wait, what? I thought you’re a “Dash” lover?”. Yes, that’s true, I do love Dash like I explained in my mini waffles makers review. And don’t forget how much I adore the brand for their mini donut makers. However, when it comes to sandwich makers, the Dash series seem more like a grill to me. For breakfast I want bread, cheese, bacon and eggs…not mixed up but nicely divided. The Hamilton Beach series do offer some of these “tower machines”, which is exactly what I wish for. Now let’s take a look at a worthy (and popular) option.

The Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker

I share some pictures below in the color mint, I just have a thing for vintage styles. But don’t worry, they’re available in multiple colors to match anyones kitchen decor. I decided to showcase the “single edition”, however they do offer “double editions” as well. In other words, if you prefer to have 2 sandwiches instead of 1, there’s nothing to worry about.

sandwich maker details

So How Does It Work?

Well, you quite obviously start with plugging the cord into a wall outlet. You’ll notice that a red light will pop up, which means that the preheating has started. Once preheated you’ll notice a green light. Even though the surfaces are covered with a nonstick coating, I added a little bit of nonstick cooking spray each and every time I used it (because that’s what it says in the manual).

The picture above describes it all, but the whole process is rather simple. You add a bottom layer of bread (or a bagel) and add your preferred ingredients (like cheese or bacon). Now that’s layer one. You then lower the second layer (which includes the “egg ring”) and you simply crack an egg. I myself crack the egg in a separate bowl and stir it before adding it onto the machine. But well, that’s a personal choice. You close the sandwich maker and you’re all done. Now we just wait for 4-5 minutes (depending on how you like your eggs), we remove (rotate) the cooking plate (or egg plate as they call it) and that’s it. Open up and enjoy that tasty breakfast!

Tip: If you’re an egg lover but not really sure about this sandwich maker, feel free to also read my rapid egg cooker review.

So How Do I Clean It?

I promised you an easy to use product, so yes, cleaning won’t require a lot of effort. The parts that hold your food can simply be removed from the machine. They’re dishwasher safe but of course you can clean things by hand. Whatever method you prefer, you should be able to comfortably use your sandwich maker fresh and shiny the next day.

So How Much Is It?

This one in particular by Hamilton Beach is around $30. I’ll add a link below so you can check out it’s latest prices (or maybe special deals). If you prefer the “double edition” you’ll be paying $45. Still, even if you live together, the “single edition” could work just fine as long as you don’t necessarily need to eat at the exact same time.

sandwich maker information

Final Thoughts

I used to be a little hesitant about new kitchen gear, I mean, 30 bucks is still 30 bucks right? On the other hand, I did visit places like Starbucks in the early morning whenever I skipped breakfast. Another one of my favorites is Subway. Now, even though these sandwiches taste a little better than the ones I create at home, you easily pay 5-8 bucks at these (lovely) fast food chains. On the contrary, a plain bagel, a slice of cheese, bacon and an egg should cost me around a buck or so. I’m not saying that my calculations are the same for everyone, but if I do the math I could be saving quite a bit each and every month after paying for my sandwich maker.

I’m not a kitchen princess, but I really enjoy to prepare some snacks whenever I feel like it. Furthermore, whenever I have friends around, it’s a lot of fun to surprise them with a simple but tasty snack. I also try (and need) to keep my gadgets as small as possible since my kitchen isn’t that big. But these days lots is possible, like I explained in my mini air fryer review. Loads of gear is available in “mini versions”, just like the mini fridge I talked bout recently. But I get it, we work hard and need to treat ourselves with a pizza to go or make that stop for a quick hotdog. I’m not saying that’s no fun, because it really is in my personal opinion. I’m just trying to talk alternatives.

Alright, there you have it, my sandwich maker review is all done. Please make sure to go through some necessary details before grabbing one. However, if you do decide to get one yourself, I’d say enjoy! Oh, I almost forgot, here’s a link to the official Hamilton Beach website. They should have the manual on there as well.

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