Rapid Egg Cooker Review: What, Why, How and My Personal Favorite

rapid egg cooker review

You all know how much I enjoy most of the kitchen gear by Dash. I mean, I covered quite a bunch already so my rapid egg cooker definitely deserves a review as well. If you’re planning to grab one for breakfast or lunch purposes, make sure to also read my easy sandwich maker review because this machine is capable to cook eggs as well.

In this article I’ll start off with the most common frequently asked questions, after which I’ll go into more detail about my Dash Deluxe egg cooker. Most of the information is applicable to similar gear, just keep in mind that the information I share is based on my own experience.

Are Rapid Egg Cookers Worth It?

This depends on the following: Are you ok with waiting 10-15 minutes for them to cook? Are you able to spend 20-30 bucks and if so, how often do you think you’ll be using it? There’s no point in grabbing one if you’re not having an egg frequently. I mean, you can just as well use a pan. Another thing to ask yourself is how many cooked eggs do you need on a daily basis. Sure, if you’re a big family full of egg lovers, this is probably your next best kitchen buddy. However, if you’re single like me, will this gadget do the trick or will it just require kitchen space?

In my opinion rapid egg cookers are definitely worth it. One big advantage is the fact that you’re able to cook your eggs exactly how you like them: Soft, medium or hard. You set the timer and that’s pretty much it. You can take a shower or prepare for work and just wait for the “beep” of the machine. These cookers are especially worth it if you need to cook multiple eggs simultaneously.

How Long Does A Rapid Egg Cooker Take?

The duration to cook your eggs depends on how you prefer them and how many you decide to cook simultaneously. Soft boiled eggs take about 8 minutes whilst hard boiled eggs require up to 20 minutes. Here’s a quick overview:

Soft Boiled: 6 eggs take 8 minutes and 12 eggs 12 minutes.

Medium Boiled: 6 eggs take 11 minutes and 12 eggs 13 minutes.

Hard Boiled: 6 eggs take 18 minutes and 12 eggs 20 minutes.

How Do You Cook Just A Few Eggs?

My rapid egg cooker allows me to take off the upper tray, which means I can cook up to 8 eggs simultaneously (the upper tray is simply there to add 4 additional eggs). So yes, you can cook just a few eggs. However, be aware that cooking fewer eggs will require you to add more water, which I’ll cover next.

How Much Water Do You Add To The Egg Cooker?

Like I said, the amount of water depends on how many eggs you need to cook. The less eggs you add, the more water is required. Furthermore, soft boiled eggs require less water than hard boiled eggs.

A decent cooker should come with a measuring cup (in addition to the instructions). In case of my Dash Deluxe, this is what the manual tells me:

Soft Boiled: 6 eggs require 2.25 oz of water and 12 eggs require 1.75 oz.

Medium Boiled: 6 eggs require 2.75 oz of water and 12 eggs require 2 oz.

Hard Boiled: 6 eggs require 5 oz of water and 12 eggs require 3.5 oz.

Do You Have To Pierce Eggs For An Egg Cooker?

It’s best to pierce an egg before putting it into a rapid egg cooker. First of all, piercing your egg prevents it from cracking. Secondly, piercing the egg makes peeling it afterwards much easier. Let me explain the reason behind this, and how to go about it:

Which End Of The Egg Do You Pierce For An Egg Cooker?

You need to pierce the flat (or should I say fat/rounded) bottom of your egg. The thing is this: Within the thicker (fatter) part of the egg there’s usually a small amount of air to be found. Once you cook your egg, this air will increase in volume and may lead to cracks. The measuring cup that comes with my Dash Deluxe includes an integrated needle to pierce the eggs deep enough.

My Egg Cooker by Dash

If you know me or if you read some of my other articles, I just love Dash. Sure, I switch between brands at times, but Dash has always worked just fine for me personally. That’s why I reviewed some of their other products like this mini waffle maker or (if you like sweet little snacks) there’s this cute mini donut maker. All in all, don’t think that other brands aren’t worth a consideration, I’m just a little Dash obsessed.

From all the facts I just covered, the thing I enjoy the most is how “perfect” my medium to hard eggs actually are. I prefer hard eggs but not too hard (if you know what I mean). But medium isn’t exactly my thing either. So I set the timer to 15 minutes (that’s with 6 eggs just to be clear) and that’s exactly how I want them. You can experiment a little according to your own taste, but after giving it a go a few times you’ll be set for the future. And no…I don’t eat 6 eggs a day, but I store them in my mini fridge for a few days (I believe you can even store hard cooked eggs in a fridge for like a week or so).

The one I got (which is the one I show you below) is the “aqua version”. I’m talking about the color here. According to your kitchen decoration you could get the same one in a variety of colors like red or yellow for example. I just love the “retro” kind of looks I get from aqua (or mint as I usually call it).

rapid egg cooker pictures

So How Much Is It?

The Dash Deluxe is somewhere around 30 bucks (there could be special deals but this is the regular price). I’m not saying you should get the Dash one just because I did! Egg cookers are available for 10 bucks as well, all the way up to 1000 bucks for professional kitchens. Coming back to the question if these cookers are worth it, think about your budget as well. I use mine almost every weekend, so it has proven itself to be worth my investment. Just like my mini air fryer (surprisingly not by Dash) has prevented me from ordering late night snacks online, which is a money saver in the end. Think about these things is what I’m trying to say here.

rapid egg cooker details

Final Thoughts

If you cook an egg once in a while, maybe grabbing an egg cooker isn’t really worth it. However, if you’re like me and enjoy a few eggs on a weekly basis, sure, this could work. It does for me. The only thing that you need to understand is that “rapid” isn’t always fast enough. Like I explained, if you cook 12 hard eggs you’ll be waiting for like 20 minutes. In that case I’d call it a “passive cook” who does all the hard work for you.

Do you ever wake up after a night out and you just feel so hungry? I remember the days when I woke up and really “had to” grab or order some fast food near me. Sure, I’m not able to make my own breakfast as tasty as most restaurants do. But paying like 5 (or more) bucks each and every time simply didn’t fit into my budget. Sure, paying 30 bucks for an egg cooker is not exactly cheap either, but if it prevents me from ordering online I do believe that in my case this has been a great investment.

Last but not least: If you need some inspirational egg recipes, check out this website where they share 35 ideas that most people are able to make at home.

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