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Popcorn carts, well, I wasn’t sure if I should dedicate an article towards them since I don’t own one myself. However, after writing about some popcorn (fun) facts previously, I just couldn’t leave these carts behind. For the foreseeable future I’m not getting one, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not looking for one or that some information / inspiration wouldn’t be of help. So yes, let’s rock these cool gadgets!

Are Popcorn Carts Worth It?

If the amount of popcorn is not an issue, and if you don’t intend to sell popcorn on the street, then a popcorn cart might not be worth it. However, if entertainment is your main priority, these carts could be great fun!

It’s all a matter of what you call “worthy”. I mean, these carts aren’t exactly cheap. I do admit, they look so cool! But me for personally, I wouldn’t even know where to store one in the first place. My apartment is quite small. If money is not an issue, or if you can easily afford one, then I can truly imagine how much fun you could have. Especially if you have kids. I remember when we had one at home when I was a child, it was a small one, but we could make as much as we wanted. In other words, it could be worth for you, but for me that’s just not the case.

Vintage Vibes

Popcorn carts have been around for over a decade, but they’re not available on the corner of every street. Popular places like movie theaters might still have an “old fashion” cart on 2 or 4 wheels. Or maybe they have something more “modern” to serve their popular snack. In the beginning of the 1900’s the popcorn carts started to grab more attention. I really love these old pictures in black and white where they sell popcorn from a cart on the street. Vintage or call it “retro” is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me personally this style is one of my favorites. I talk about more vintage gear in my article about mini air fryers and one of my other recent posts called mini fridges. But they’re also available in my fast food decoration ideas for home and kitchen.

The NOSTALGIA Concession CCP510

If you like vintage as much as I do, here’s a popular popcorn cart by Nostalgia. I don’t often come across a product with so many ratings (over 5000 at the time of writing this)! If you like ambiance, well, how about the integrated light that will make this gadget “pop” up whilst watching a movie. The tempered glass is pretty much scratch resistant, which is never a bad thing if you have company around. For the “true popcorn experience” you simply tilt the front door into an opening position and scoop the amount of popcorn you desire.

vintage popcorn cart

How much? About $250. More information and details can be found at Amazon from this link.

How Does It Work?

A single button switches the machine on, after which you need to pour a little oil inside the metallic basket. You’ll smell the oil as it starts to warm up a little. Add a bag op corn (works with all Nostalgia popcorn kits) and close the lid. You wait…and wait…but soon enough the corn starts to pop and leave the lid / basket. It falls onto the floor down below and could add up to quite a volume (depending on how much corn you added). Grab a spoon and a popcorn bag and you’re all set for movie night. 32 cups of popcorn seems to be the maximum, but I guess that’s more than enough for an evening with friends or family.


Want salt? Or maybe you prefer sugar? Or what else is there…I guess there’s no real rule here. Good thing is that this cart comes with a shelf on the side. This makes a great place to store your favorite seasoning or store some of the corn you’re planing to use in the future. I personally like my popcorn salty, but of course tastes differ. I know people that prefer cheese or onion flavor. Whatever you choose, the side shelf comes in real handy! You have everything within reach. Here are some more flavors for inspiration.

Let’s Compare

If we take a look at some related products it’s quite straight forward that 250 bucks is an average price. Remember that sometimes (often but not always) a “cooler” looking popcorn cart is a little more expensive than the “simple” versions out there. If I do just a quick search I already figured that something “pretty decent” is about 150 bucks. All the way up to 400 bucks for the more “exclusive” variations. You’ll come across some of those from the link I provided below the above picture. You can always check them out yourself. I just think the Nostalgia is a great “bank for your buck” kinda gadget.

It’s also worth noticing that all Nostalgia popcorn kits are compatible with this machine. I mentioned it before, but ease of use and using the same brand can have advantages. I’m just saying, it’s something to maybe keep in the back of your head.


Here are the most important dimensions: About 18 x 25 x 53 inches. Remember, the top can be removed from the cart, for example for anyone who prefers to have their popcorn on the table for the time being. Or maybe you don’t need the cart for a certain amount of time and you just want to have it near your television. This can be a space saver.


I showed you the cart in red, but you have 2 other color options: Black and Red-Gold. I believe you can even buy them with a bunch of corn to get you started. When it comes to color it may all depend on your home decoration. I really love the red one, but the black one seems pretty cool for the more “darker” or “modern” interiors. I guess that’s just a matter of personal choice. Black can be a more “neutral” color to fit different rooms, whilst red can sometimes be too much of an eye catcher. Well, up to you to decide 😉

popcorn cart colors

Final Thoughts

In my personal opinion, these vintage popcorn carts definitely look amazing! I can imagine that if you have a home cinema, this is one of the gadgets to probably consider. For people living in a small apartment like me, it’s probably not the best choice. I wouldn’t use it that often anyways since I don’t have kids. But if you have some children and you usually gather for a weekend movie night…yes, these carts could work!

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