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Having a mini fridge seems pretty much a luxury, right? I guess most of my readers have quite a big fridge and probably don’t even need one. Since my apartment is quite small, and my fridge is just a medium sized one, I decided to get a mini fridge about 3 years ago. In this article I’ll share my experience and what I’ve learned. Even though I usually only use it for weekend company, I believe I can share some basic features to know about.

Are Mini Fridges Loud?

Most mini fridges on today’s market are not loud. As long as you’re not extremely sensitive to background noises you probably won’t even notice it’s there.

I really don’t hear my mini fridge. I placed it close to my “normal” fridge because I needed some extra space (and my kitchen is rather small). My couch is about 15 feet away from my kitchen and I don’t hear any noises from the fridge at all. I also did a little research online and it seems that most people agree with me. Some even say their mini fridge makes less noise than their computer. In other words, as long as you’re not extremely sensitive to noises, you should be just fine.

Are Mini Fridges Expensive To Run?

A medium sized mini fridge shouldn’t be expensive to run. The average energy consumption is somewhere between $2 and $3 per month.

It all depends on what kind of mini fridge you own. Let me explain this as simple as possible: The larger the fridge, the more energy it usually requires. Furthermore, if it has a separate freezer integrated, that could add to your total energy consumption as well. Other possible additions to energy consumption are the desired temperature, an integrated light and how often you use it (in other words how often do you open the door and how long does it stay that way?).

Are Mini Fridges Worth It?

Considering the average monthly cost, and assuming your life will be a whole lot more comfortable, a mini fridge could definitely be worth it.

In my personal situation my mini fridge does the trick for sure. I have a lot of friends around in the weekend, and my “normal” small fridge just can’t hold enough drinks for everyone. During the week I usually don’t have it running, which saves some electricity. I guess I pay less than a dollar per month. But Friday until Sunday it’s running, and it has been doing so for many years. But of course, your situation could be different. I’ve been thinking to move it towards my couch, so I can grab a cool coke when watching Netflix, but I have no “secret” place to store it. And to be honest…my mini fridge isn’t exactly a cool addition to my interior.

Are Mini Fridges Magnetic?

Some mini fridges are magnetic, but some aren’t. Some mini fridges come with a glass door, and some with a metallic one.

Most of the time, the seller will share this information with you. If not, don’t hesitate to ask them. Most people are very helpful. Reading customer reviews can also be of help. Mine is magnetic, but I rarely use this quality. Decorating your fridge can really be fun, I totally get that. There’s no good reason why I’m not doing that, especially since I love decorating things. Guess it’s a personal thing.

Are Mini Fridges Supposed To Get Hot?

In most cases it’s completely normal if a mini fridge feels warm or even hot on one side. The heat from the fridge’s interior has to be transferred to another area, like an outer part.

In order to keep your food and drinks cool, there has to be a process of transferring heat. Many different products do the same thing, like your computer for example. As long as the heat seems “normal” or “reasonable”, it’s probably a normal thing to observe. Of course, you should be completely sure that everything works fine. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer and ask them for help. My mini fridge feels quite warm on one side so I make sure it’s not standing close to other objects.

Mini Fridges To Check Out

If you’re curious, let me list a few mini fridges to consider. I share some of the basic features, but more information is available from the links. Let’s get inspired!

Not Too Big, Not To Small (AstroAI)

If 4 liter is enough for you, why spend more on a bigger fridge? Like I said, size usually has an effect on monthly costs. Therefore, this mini fridge could be a great idea. 4 liter is enough for some extra drinks. Mine is not much bigger, and it enables me to store some extra cans whenever I have company around. We usually agree to monitor which cans are the coldest as we add new ones all the time. What I like most about some of these fridges is that you can often connect them to a car power supply. So if you’re going on a road trip or whatever, maybe even camping, some small fridges can be a delight!

This is the AstroAI that sells for around $45. More pictures are available and so are the exact measurements. If you like it, there’s a link below the picture.

mini fridge details

More info and details can be found at Amazon from this link.

Freeze To Impress (Antarctic Star)

Ok, the freezer I mentioned above is quite a “best bank for your buck” kind of product. But it’s not that “cool” looking. If you want something that catches people’s attention, maybe a glass door will do the trick. But yes, of course, these kind of fridges are way more expensive. The one I show you below is around $ 220, which I personally just don’t have the money for. But yes, it looks really sweet!

This Antarctic Star mini fridge allows you to store a little more cans and/or bottles than the AstroAI. It’s even available in 4 different sizes, so make sure to go through these details in order to understand their price difference and what you’re actually buying. If you care a lot about your home decor, and if you’re able to spend the extra buck, this could be a great option.

mini fridge information

More info and details can be found at Amazon from this link.

Prefer Retro?

If you like the vintage / retro styled mini fridges better, here’s one of your many possibilities. It’s available in a 4 liter and a 10 liter version. I shared some more retro stuff in my article called fast food decoration ideas.

The small fridge is around $50 and the bigger one around $80. If I’m not mistaken it comes with a DC power cable that you can connect in your car. Sweet for camping! Go through some of the reviews if you want to know more. I like the Coca Cola logo, but of course, to each their own.

mini fridge retro

More info and details can be found at Amazon from this link.

Final Thoughts

The times we live in have changed our home decor (and especially our kitchen decor) quite a bit. Mini fridges can be a delight and don’t need to take up a lot of space, just like mini donut makers or the cute and popular mini waffle makers. Or how about an evening snack from a mini air fryer? You can pretty easily figure out their average electricity cost and decide for yourself if you want to grab one. The vintage model I showed you could be a great addition to a fast food interior.

If you need more information about mini fridges and electricity, I can advise this article.

I hope that I answered some of your questions sufficiently. Remember that it’s also a matter of a little research (sometimes just a few minutes) to figure things out. Mini fridges can be of great help, the only question is: Do you need one?

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