Mini Donut Makers Explained: Are They Worth It?

mini donut maker facts

If you read my fun and surprising facts about donuts you might love these tasty snacks as much as I do. Sure, we can visit a local Dunkin’ Donuts and grab a few, but how about creating some of your own? I mean, right in your own kitchen! It’ll only take a few minutes and yes: They are very tasty! Not only are they extremely easy to make, but they’re also a good way to keep kids entertained. You can choose your own toppings (by using your imagination or from a recipe book) and be your own chef.

Now, there are a lot of donut makers out there. So why do I personally prefer the mini donut makers? Mostly because they’re not extremely small as the name suggests in the first place. Furthermore, if you create a dozen mini donuts you get to taste all kinds of different toppings compared to only a few bigger ones. And like I said, kids love to try different flavors.

The Dash Mini Donut Maker

Most of my readers already know how much I appreciate most of the Dash products. I don’t buy new gear that often, but when I do I always seriously consider this brand. Maybe because their products last, or maybe it’s because they’re often available in “retro colors” like my rapid egg cooker for example. So yes, surprisingly enough, here’s another one of my favorite kitchen gadgets by a brand I simply love.

It’s Quick

I can’t list all available products out there, but I can focus on a mini donut maker that people simply love! The Dash mini donut maker is extremely easy to use, it’s very quick, and allows you to prepare 7 mini donuts simultaneously. After just a few minutes you’ll be able to start the decorating fun!

Non-Stick Coating

This is probably one of it’s best features. No mess, little cleaning and immediately ready for round 2. If 7 mini donut’s aren’t enough, simply refill and give it a few minutes. Easy as that! Birthday party? Well, as long as there’s batter there’s enough for everyone.

Recipe Is Included

No idea which toppings to use? Need help? Well, the included recipe book allows for more than 50 donut variations.

Good Price-Quality

The Dash mini donut maker costs around 30 bucks, which is a reasonable price if you ask me. Some people even managed to grab one at discount, so check out latest prices to figure things out yourself. Considering it’s ease of use and non-stick coating, expect to stay within this price range with most similar products. And don’t forget about warranty. The Dash version comes with a 1 year warranty.

mini donut maker info

The “Aqua” edition is probably the most “popular” one out there. But: There is in fact a “Donut print” available as well (like in the picture above). I like that one more, but tastes differ (obviously). Just saying.


dash mini donut maker


Do You Need To Flip The Mini Donuts?

My Experience

I tried both. I mean, I prepared some with and without flipping. And I must say, there wasn’t a big difference. The mini donuts tasted the same. However, you want to avoid one side to overkook (and turn too brown). So yes, from an esthetic point of view, I’d say it’s best to flip the mini donuts (which only takes a few seconds anyway).

What The Instructions Say

The instructions recommend you to flip. They say that its best to bake for about 1,5 minutes on one side, then flip, and bake for another 4 minutes on the other side.

Some Personal Thoughts

I’d like to mention that preparing your “perfect” mini donut is all about experimenting around a little. It also depends on how much batter you use. If you use too much batter the mini donuts will probably darken a little faster. But if you use too little batter you might not end up with a perfect “donut shape”. So yes, just like the Dash mini waffle maker, experience makes the master.

I baked my donuts for about 2 minutes without flipping and they were just the way I like them. But some prefer a more “cooked” donut. Furthermore, the ingredients used in your batter could have an influence on the consistency. You need to make sure everything is cooked appropriately. Too many eggs in your batter could require more cooking time. Hey, I’m not a professional cook, so make sure to do your own research. I’m just saying what I did. Stick to the instructions and go from there.

Anything Else?

Sure! Here are some tips to know about:

  • It’s important to wash and dry your mini donut maker after unboxing.
  • There’s an indicator light which turns off when the donut maker is ready for cooking.
  • If you can, try to use a cooking spray before adding your batter.
  • For the best donut size, try to add batter until the molds are about 3/4 full.
  • The recipe guide explains coking time (which is handy to read).
  • Use a toothpick to remove or flip the donuts.
  • Use a wire rack (if you have one) to let your donuts cool down (and to add toppings).

How Long Do Mini Donuts Last?

After preparation, mini donuts will stay fresh for up to 2 days if you store them in a sealed bag. So yes, you can make a whole bunch before throwing a party.

Mini Donut Recipe Ideas

The recipe book comes with the Dash mini donut maker. Here are some donut ideas you’ll find within that book:

  • Classic Donut
  • Apple Cider Donut
  • Chocolate Donut
  • Banana Bread Donut
  • Vegan Donut
  • Funfetti Donut
  • Various Glaze Donuts

Final Thoughts

These days it’s so easy to bring fast food right into your own kitchen. I mean, with just a little equipment we can turn our kitchen into a small little restaurant. And don’t forget about all the fast food decoration ideas that will definitely enhance the excitement. Throwing a birthday party? Feel free to scroll through these decoration ideas. Who knows you’ll find something exciting. Some even prefer to have a mini fridge! Others put their mini air fryer to work while watching a movie after a long day. Funny as it sounds, but some even prepare a tasty breakfast from their sandwich maker every morning.

Want to serve something else than the usual popcorn box? Well, who knows these mini donut makers are just perfect. I only mentioned the basics to know about, but lik I always say, check out a few other articles or videos for inspiration.

Last but not least, here’s an interesting article about making your own glazed donuts. From the recipe book you’ll be able to find the ingredients for glazed donuts as well, like chocolate, lemon, maple or cinnamon. Feeling creative? Well, I think you’ll be just fine. Enjoy your donut!

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