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I guess air fryers are a popular kitchen gadget in many households these days. I mean, what’s not to like about tasty fries without using any oil? Let’s not even talk about taking away the hassle of cleaning traditional fryers. If you’re like me, and your kitchen is tiny, maybe one of these mini air fryers will do the trick just fine. If you’re serving a large family, maybe this is not exactly the best tool for you. But if you’re like me, and feel like a few chicken wings while watching Netflix, mini air fryers can be a delight!

Are Mini Air Fryers Worth It?

In my personal opinion, and from my own experience, I have to say that my mini air fryer is definitely worth it. I’m able to store it in my cabinet and my snacks are as crispy as I like them.

However, when it comes to “worth it”, that’s also a personal thing. I got mine on discount and I use it 2-3 times per month (on average). I think I paid around 30 bucks, so yes, for me that’s worth the purchase. Of course it’s also a matter of energy consumption, ease of cleaning and how long they last. Furthermore, if you got an expensive one and used it only once, that’s probably not worth it. You get my point.

Another thing is this: My mini air fryer has often saved me from ordering fast food near me. I’m not saying it tastes the same, but all in all it helps to live on a budget.

Which Mini Air Fryer Do I use?

I use the smaller version of the Chefman. There’s a larger one available as well, but I’m not sure if that’s still considered “mini”. This one is quite small and does the trick for some fries, chicken nuggets or other small snacks. I sometimes use it when I have weekend company. That’s when I also connect my mini fridge (because my “normal” fridge is quite small). Yes, I have a small kitchen.

What I like best is the non-stick interior. The basket is dishwasher safe which allows for easy cleaning. You can set the timer and temperature to whatever the food package advises (or maybe you have one of those “air fryer cooking times” tables). Another pro is the fact that there’s an auto switch-off. All together I’d say this is a “great bank for your buck” kind if mini air fryer. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of similar (or even better) options out there.

mini air fryer information

How much? About $37. More info and details can be found at Amazon from this link.

Mini Air Fryer Inspiration

iRUNTEK (Aqua or Black)

Talking about best sellers, this mini air fryer is a great option for 1 (or maybe 2) people. If you’re like me and only need a few snacks once in a while, this is an alternative to the Chefman I showed you before. I guess that it’s a matter of design as well, we all have our own taste like modern, vintage or even color. If this one speaks to your imagination, I’ll add a link down below. You’ll pay a few dollars more, but if this is the design you personally like, maybe these few bucks are worth it.

mini air fryer details

How much? About $41. More info and details can be found at Amazon from this link.

GoWISE USA (4 color options)

If you prefer something more “elegant” or “modern”, this mini air fryer could fit these kind of home decors easily. Compared to the ones I shared before, this one comes with a digital touchscreen. You also get a recipe book (very handy!). Depending on what you like best, you have the following color options: Black & Copper, Black & Silver, Mint & Silver or Red & Silver. There even are 3 different sizes available, but for the purpose of this article I stay with the smaller one. If these” modern looks” appeal to you, and if you’re willing to spend an extra 10 – 15 bucks (compared to the previous ones), this could be a nice addition to your kitchen (or maybe even a nice present for a friend).

mini air fryer modern

How much? About $50. More info and details can be found at Amazon from this link.

5 Mini Air Fryer Snacks That I Love

Chicken Wings

Definitely one of my favorites, if not my number 1 pick, are spicy chicken wings. I’m not saying you could wake me up for these, but when I feel like a late night snack I just looooove these! Not too spicy though, just medium. I’m not exactly “big”, so 3 or 4 usually is enough (I’m not talking about dinner). They also work great when throwing a party and people start to long for that late night snack.


Not my favorite as a late night snack, but fries can be a great addition to many dishes. I prefer some fries with fish for example. This may sound crazy, but I usually enjoy them the Dutch way: With mayonnaise 😉 If you’re curious, go ahead and read my article about some interesting and surprising facts about french fries.


I always call them shrimp tails, even though they’re not tails, they just look that way. You can buy them prepared and store them in your freezer. I don’t have them here right now, but they come in a small bag (I believe about 10 pieces or so). Having just a few while watching a movie…oh jummmm! I prefer cocktail sauce with them. This snack comes close to restaurant quality, well, for my taste they do.

Chinese Spring Rolls

Another “ready to go” and “eat with your hands” food that I certainly appreciate are Chinese spring rolls. Like the ones you get in a Chinese restaurant (usually as an appetizer). Having just 3 or 4 with some sweet sauce is just so yummy! I usually go for vegetable ones, but they’re available with chicken as well. Chinese fast food is always a pleasure for me.


Like always, I buy my snacks prepared and ready to heat up. But when it comes to meatballs, going the extra mile and preparing them yourself can really make a big difference. If you’re interested, here’s a great air fryer recipe.

Going To The Netherlands?

One of my favorite “air fryer snacks countries” is the Netherlands. If you ever go there, and if you get the chance to use an air fryer, consider “Bitterballen”, “Frikandellen” or “Vlammetjes”. The last one means something like “flames”…and yes, they are really spicy. You probably need some drinks to cool down your mouth. If you’re sensitive to spicy food, make sure to avoid them. Bitterballen are more friendly when it comes to taste. I always compare them to eating soup from a ball. Really delicious and almost every restaurant (or bar) serves them. It’s amazing how many different snacks they have in their supermarket that are meant for air fryers.

Final Thoughts

Mini kitchen gadgets are becoming more popular as we speak. Apart from air fryers and fridges, how about mini waffle makers for example? Or mini donut makers? I guess most of my readers have heard of these kitchen accessories already. It’s almost as if everything is becoming so convenient these days. We can even start our day with a sandwich maker that includes eggs, cheese and bacon. It’s fun, and easy, but a snack outdoors once in a while is something I personally enjoy as well.

One of the questions that remains is: What exactly is mini? What is small enough to be considered a mini air fryer? In this article I shared 3 examples of what I myself consider small. But your opinion could be totally different of course. They are, however, smaller than most other similar products out there. Mine for example is somewhere between 10 x 10 x 13 inches. The manufacturer usually shares these details so you can do a little research to understand if everything will fit in the end. Well, enjoy your snack!

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