25 Frequently Asked Questions About McDonalds

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Yup, McDonalds is the biggest fast food chain in the world. I wonder if that’s ever going to change. But hey, they’re not so popular by coincidence. Even though I enjoy and judge all fast food chains equally, there’s no way around McDonalds. I’ve been there multiple times, and chances are you have too. Well, that’s my guess.

Apart from being the biggest chain, McDonalds is also extremely popular. They were founded in 1955 and are now a world-famous brand. I cover the growth and success of these quick bites in a separate article called “Why is fast food so popular in America“.

Personally, I believe that every fast food restaurant has their own pro’s and con’s. I mean, I adore Starbucks coffee, a Burger King whopper, a Subway chicken teriyaki sandwich…and the same goes for a big mac with French fries. I’m not promoting anything, I’m just saying that even the skinny me enjoys a fatty food once in a while. So, let’s talk about some of the most frequently asked questions about McDonalds!

1. Why is McDonalds so addictive?

McDonald’s is so addictive because their meals contain a good amount of fat, which adds to their flavor. People easily become addicted to fatty meals like fries, chicken, burgers, nuggets or even shakes. We all deserve a fatty snack once in a while, but addiction should be avoided.

2. Is it rude to ask for fresh food at McDonalds?

No, it’s not rude to ask for fresh food at McDonalds. On the other hand, there’s no good reason why you should ask for it to be fresh. McDonalds delivers one burger after the other, or whatever meal you order, so chances are you’ll be just fine. If however you want to be absolutely sure, yes, you can ask. Employees might find you a strange person but they’re usually willing to respect your request. A little patience could be necessary.

3. Can you use cash at McDonalds drive thru?

It’s possible to pay with cash at a McDonalds drive thru. However, they prefer contactless payment methods like using a credit card for example. Whenever times are uncertain, like in a lock down for example, it’s always best to contact them if any policies have changed.

4. Why do some McDonalds have 3 windows?

If a third window has been added to your McDonalds drive thru, there’s a good reason behind it. If your order takes longer to prepare, but the order behind you is ready to go, you can pull forward. This system helps the restaurant to speed things up.

5. Why does McDonalds ask you to pull forward?

If someone’s order takes a little longer to prepare than expected, this person is asked to pull forward. This usually happens whenever an order takes more than a minute to prepare. The order behind you could be ready which is why you are asked to pull forward.

6. Can you ask for fresh fries at McDonalds?

It’s no problem to ask for fresh fries at McDonalds. Even though their restaurants usually have a continuous production of fries, some people prefer to have them totally fresh. This could take 3 -4 minutes.

7. What to do if McDonalds forgets an item?

If McDonalds forgets an item you could go back and ask for it. The problem is that the rest of your meal will get cold. In that case you can ask them for a remake. Another option is to ask for a refund. If you decide to enjoy your meal without the missing items, give them a call and ask for a refund or replacement the next time you visit.

I always advise people to check their order before leaving McDonalds, whether from their restaurant or drive thru.

8. Can McDonald’s refuse a refund?

McDonalds usually doesn’t refuse a refund. However, it’s easier for them to replace an order or give you a coupon. They do their very best to keep their customers satisfied. I would advise you to accept a replacement or a coupon, but if you insist, they’ll probably pay a refund.

9. Do you tip at McDonalds?

Most people don’t tip at McDonalds. Employees say that it’s against their policy to accept tips, and that receiving tips makes them feel awkward. Some people do however give the cashiers a tip.

10. Can McDonald’s employees receive tips?

McDonalds employees are not supposed to receive tips. Any tips should go into the Ronald McDonald donation box. Some managers stated that they have occasionally allowed an employee to keep a tip.

11. Does McDonalds have a tip jar?

No, McDonalds doesn’t have a tip jar. I’m not exactly sure why that is, but many people say that tips in fast food restaurants are very limited and not worth the effort. On the contrary, Starbucks for example does have a tip jar which seems to work just fine (like I explained in my Starbucks facts).

12. Does McDonalds do Christmas bonus?

McDonalds usually doesn’t do holiday pay at Christmas. Employees will however receive bonuses like gift cards and free meals.

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13. Why are McDonald’s pancakes called hotcakes?

Hotcakes has been a widely used term for pancakes back in the 1950’s. In order to stand out from the crowd, and to possibly compete with other pancake fast food restaurants, hotcakes is the chosen name. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. Maybe there’s another reason.

14. Can you get extra salt on McDonald’s fries?

You can’t ask for extra salt when ordering fries. Fries are salted by default and that’s how McDonalds serves them. If you want extra salt you’ll have to grab some separate packages and add it yourself.

15. Can you pay cash at McDonald’s delivery?

Yes, you can pay with cash at McDonalds delivery. Just be aware that the company prefers contactless payments.

16. Why don’t McDonalds do onion rings?

McDonalds doesn’t serve onion rings because it would result in more waste. They’re able to produce fresh tasty fries because people order them over and over. If onion rings were added to their menu, both fries and onion rings could be sitting below heating lamps for a longer period of time. From what I understood, most people are perfectly fine to have fries with their meal.

17. What kind of onions are on McDonald’s cheeseburger?

McDonalds cheeseburgers come with dehydrated minced onions, just like Big Macs. Before putting them on your cheeseburger they are rehydrated with water. Their small size adds to their flavor.

18. Are McDonalds onions fake?

No, McDonalds onions are not fake. Their onions are dehydrated and packed before the manufacturer delivers them. At McDonalds the onions are then rehydrated before you receive them on your burger.

19. Does McDonalds taste the same everywhere?

McDonalds does not taste the same in every restaurant. Even though they stick to a certain recipe, ingredients will vary between countries. Furthermore, some locations even add their own flavors that are typical for the area. Especially when enough people enjoy that specific taste. A visitor could therefore experience a different burger.

20. Does McDonalds charge for water?

McDonalds usually doesn’t charge for water, especially in small cups. They could charge you for bigger water. It all depends on the location and it’s staff members. I once received a large water for free, but that’s not always the case. Make sure to ask politely and they’ll be happy to help you out.

It’s important to note that free water seems to become a thing of the past. It’s usually free if you already ordered a beverage and therefore hold a cup. I asked an employee at Popeyes recently, and this is how she explained it to me.

21. Does McDonalds have free wifi?

You’ll have access to free wifi at almost every McDonalds. There are a few exceptions whenever the manager decides to put it down. Every McDonalds I visited had free wifi. I think it’s a good way to attract customers, but like I said, I’ve heard about some locations not offering wifi.

22. Does McDonalds use air fryers?

Not that I’m aware of, but correct me if I’m wrong. As far as I know their fries are partially fried and then cooked before you eat them. Some people use an air fryer at home whenever they want to heat up their McDonalds fries.

23. Does McDonalds use real cheese?

The cheese you eat at McDonalds contains about 60% real cheese. They use a mixture of other cheeses and ingredients as well. I believe they share the details on their website in case you want to know more (I’ll link to them below).

24. Can you use the McDonalds bathroom without buying anything?

Usually it’s no problem if you want to use the McDonald’s bathroom without ordering a meal or a drink. However, there are exceptions. Some restaurants put up a sign that lets you know whenever their bathrooms are only meant for customers. But, as far as I know, that doesn’t happen a lot.

25. Why do some McDonalds charge more than others?

Some McDonalds charge more than others because they have higher expenses. Some of these expenses include the minimum wage of employees, the cost of having their ingredients delivered or general expenses that depend on the location.

Fun Fact: Did you know there are actual burger socks?

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Final Thoughts

The big yellow M serves millions of people each year, so my top 25 frequently asked questions is just a handful of all the questions people have. But I hope (and believe) that they help some people out. Keep in mind that things change. So if you need to be absolutely sure about a certain fact, contact McDonalds directly.

If you’ve been to McDonalds, you’ve probably been to Burger King as well. At least, that would be my guess. If these faq listings interest you, feel free to also read my Burger King facts article. Of course, I’ll be posting more lists as soon as I can, it just takes time for me to write. But please come back whenever you feel like it. And don’t worry, there’s more than burgers and fries to learn about. For example, check out my frequently asked questions about Subway, especially if you’re more of a sandwich-loving person.

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