18 Frequently Asked Questions About French Fries

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Who doesn’t enjoy some tasty French fries with their meal? Or maybe you just like them on the go without anything else? I discovered that a lot of people in Belgium and in the Netherlands seem to really enjoy “just fries”. Yes, they have fast food chains, but the fries you buy on the street is just amazing enough to not bother about a burger. Really, I tried! They’re thicker as well, and the sauces are sometimes totally different.

That being said, it’s obvious that fries come in a lot of variations. And things don’t just end there. How about the “best” sauces, or how about cultural differences? Enough things to summarize in this article. I selected 18 of some of the most frequently asked questions about French fries, so please stick around for a bit and enjoy!

1. Why are French fries so good?

French fries taste so good because they contain a certain amount of fat, sugar and salt. They’re crispy on the outside which allows us to eat them with our hands. This adds to the excitement we experience when eating them. Dipping French fries in sauces adds to their flavor as well. They’re a tasty, fun and satisfying way to fill our stomach.

2. Why do so many people like French fries?

French fries satisfy our taste buds with their salty exterior, especially in combination with a sauce of choice. Since French fries are available almost anywhere, it’s easy to order them whenever we feel like a tasty snack. Their crunchy surface makes them one of the easiest finger foods out there.

3. Which country eats the most fries?

People in Belgium eat the most fries per person, even more than in the United States. French fries are extremely popular in Belgium, especially with mayonnaise. Not only did Belgium invent fries, but it’s still a popular food these days.

4. What is the difference between French fries and American fries?

French fries are thin but long pieces of potatoes. They are fried before consumption. You find them in many fast food restaurants. American fries refer to home fries. People bake or fry potato chunks in order to enjoy them at home.

5. Why do Americans eat fries with ketchup?

Americans eat fries with ketchup because of it’s sweet taste. Ketchup overwhelms the actual taste of fries, and our taste buds enjoy this sugary taste. They also add a sour and bitter flavor to our meal, which explains why ketchup is popular and preferred by many.

6. What do they call French fries in Canada?

In Canada, people call them either “chips” or “French fries”. Chips used to be the common term, but over time they adopted the American word fries. You can however still see vans or stands that sell “chips”, and of course there’s still the famous “fish and chips” dish.

7. Who eats fries with mustard?

It’s not common to eat fries with mustard, but of course, if you want you can. In Belgium people regularly prefer a sauce that contains a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard. Mayonnaise is a frequently used sauce in Belgium when eating fries. In the end it’s a matter of taste, so if you prefer mustard, give it a try.

8. Why do Germans eat fries with mayo?

In Germany, mayonnaise tastes different than the mayo in the United States. It’s a little more sour and not as creamy. While ketchup adds that sweet and sour flavor to us Americans, the Germans experience that same sensation with mayonnaise.

9. Why do the British call French fries chips?

The British call French fries chips because back in the days they were made from potato slices. They’re usually a little thicker than what we call French fries in the United States. However, these days the term chips can refer to the regular French fries, just like you order “fish and chips” which is often served with regular (thinner) fries.

10. What are French fries called in Belgium?

In the French part of Belgium they call them “pommes frites”. In the Flemish part they refer to them as “frietjes” or “fries”. Some call them “patat”, even though that’s the most common term used in the Netherlands. Since these are bordering countries, it’s not uncommon to use the Dutch version in Flemish Belgium.

11. What are French fries called in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, people call French fries “friet” or “patat”. If you order a “patat met”, you’ll get fries with mayonnaise. “Patatje oorlog” means you want fries with mayonnaise, peanut-sauce and onion slices. Another popular variation is “patatje joppie”, which includes joppiesaus. This sauce is sweet and tastes like mayonnaise and a bit of curry.

12. What is the difference between French fries and Belgian fries?

Belgian fries are a little thicker than French fries. They’re usually a little crispier as well. Belgian fries are double fried, which isn’t always the case with French fries. If you order Belgian fries from a street vendor, they’re often handed out in a paper cone. It’s “normal” to have mayonnaise as a sauce.

13. Why do crinkle cut fries taste better?

Crinkle cut fries have a bigger surface area than normal fries. A bigger area means our taste buds get to touch a bigger portion of the fries, which results in more flavor. Furthermore, a bigger crispier area makes these fries more crunchy, even though the inside stays soft.

14. Why are curly fries so good?

Curly fries are so good because they’re almost always seasoned. Some say that their color adds to the sensation on our taste buds. Others say that their shape allows us to use more sauces like ketchup, which ads to their excitement. We can conclude that they’re simply more fun to eat than regular fries.

15. Why are curly fries orange?

Curly fries are often orange because most restaurants coat them with a paprika seasoning. This enhances their flavor. Onion and garlic powders are often used in the mixture as well, however, their orange-golden appearance mainly comes from paprika.

16. Why are curly fries always seasoned?

Even though curly fries don’t necessarily have to be seasoned, adding a mixture of paprika and other ingredients enhances their taste. This resulted in a very popular snack, which many restaurants copied over the years. If something is good, why change it?

17. Where did curly fries originate?

There are different theories about where curly fries come from. Some say that street vendors in Paris came up with the idea back in 1789. Other people say they were invented by accident in one of the bigger fast food chains in order to compete with others. But there are more theories. Will we ever know?

18. Is it normal to eat fries with mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise is one of the most popular sauces to have with fries, especially in countries like Belgium or the Netherlands. Is it normal? Not really. Is it common? Yes. Just like ketchup is very common to have with fries in the United States.

Final Thoughts

Now that we covered some of the basic questions about fries, I hope it’ll help you out in different ways. If you ever visit a country with different traditions, who knows you’re already a step ahead. And if not, well, a little adventure and some “fries-excitement” should be a great laugh in the end. Sure, it’s important to respect cultures and their traditions, but don’t be afraid to give their fries a go. Only one way to find out if they’re good, right?

Some of the “bigger” fries like the ones you buy on the street in some countries can function as an entire meal. I’ve seen many people ordering quite a big bag, probably because they didn’t have enough time to enjoy a proper dinner at that moment. On the other hand, fries are often a side dish. If you order a cheeseburger for example, you probably want some fries with it. These portions are usually smaller like at McDonalds for example (also visit my McDonalds facts).

If you’re interested about the “invention” of French fries, maybe this article will help you out. Was it Belgium? Was it France? Or was it another country? It’s fascinating how many questions there are about fries, I mean, really.

Last but not least: For anyone who’s curious about serving his or her own french fries at home in style, go and check out some of my tips about fast food decoration. Nowadays, everyone is able to be create that fun and entertaining “personal restaurant” at home.

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