Fast Food Near Me – How To Find Nearby Locations And Coupon Codes (+Bonus: My private fast food kitchen!)

fast food near me tips

Want to order a quick burger? Or maybe go for a walk and grab a slice of pizza? When it comes to fast food near me, I always go through a few simple steps to make sure I know exactly what’s open, how long it’s going to take and how much they’ll charge me. Especially delivery costs can make a huge difference between one place and the other. So, grab your seatbelts and learn how I go about this in just a matter of minutes.

1. Use Google (Believe it or not)

My preferred method is to use good old Google. I know, it might sound old fashioned, but there are a few good reasons to always start with a search engine. First of all I get to see a map with my location and fast food open near me. Depending on my appetite I quickly scan my options and decide on what meal I fancy the most. After that I make sure that it’s actual fast food nearby and head on over to their website (there’s usually a direct link).

I sometimes also use the search phrase “fast food restaurant open near me”, so I add the word “restaurant” which sometimes brings up a few more options. Another trick is to use the word “places”, so I’d search for something like “fast food places near me”. If you do this a few times you should figure out what works best for you. If one phrase shows more results than the other, remember to use those exact words when ordering food online in the future.

This is how I go about it: Head on over to and type the search phrase “fast food near me”. Once you hit enter you’re given the “maps” option. So you click on that. Well, there you have it, a map with all the nearest fast food chains to choose from. The best part is, it didn’t even take me a minute. Here’s an infographic of what I mean:

fast food near me maps

2. Use Doordash

Probably one of the most popular fast food delivery companies, Doordash is a great way for me to find a variety of fast food options nearby. They have a separate page on their website (I’ll link to it below) which makes ordering fast food very easy. You simply enter your address after which you’ll receive a (usually long) list of nearby fast food companies. One thing I like in particular is how they showcase all your options through pictures. Not only is this helpful, but it’s inspirational as well whenever I have no clue what to get.

But wait, there’s more. If you head on over to their website you’ll find various categories listed at the top. So for example, you could click on the “burgers” or “mexican” food category which’ll bring up these specific types of food. Another way to continue your search is by clicking on options like “desserts” or “breakfast”. I would use this option if I’m looking for a drive thru breakfast near me for example.

One other thing: Doordash delivers more than just an easy bite. They offer groceries, flowers, gifts and much more. You’ll find these options at the very top on their website.

nearby fast food option 2

3. Use Uber Eats

Uber Eats is (in my opinion) pretty similar to Doordash. Their website operates through a location search bar as well. In other words, you simply type where you’re at and all options will be shown in a matter of seconds. Most of us have probably heard of the company Uber, and yes, they founded Uber Eats back in 2014.

Just like Doordash, their website showcases their categories at the very top. They’re slightly different with for example “Thai”, “Asian” and “Japanese” listings. Depending on how we personally prefer to scroll through our options, I guess that one person favors Doordash and the other one Uber Eats. Furthermore, Uber Eats also offers to deliver groceries, coffee, bubble tea and much more.

Do you prefer seafood? Or maybe some sushi? Uber Eats has it all. One thing I personally like is how they easily showcase special deals. They usually have daily offers, buy 1 get 1 free, and even a rewards system. They make it an easy job to even filter your preferred price range. I’ll link to their website from the picture below so you can explore all their nearby fast food through delivery or pickup.

fast food near me option 3

4. Search By Company Name

The options I just talked about are all meant to inspire people and to help them find their nearby fast food in a matter of minutes. However, if you’re like me, I often know exactly what I want. In other words, if I know there’s a KFC nearby and I feel like some chicken wings, I would simply head on over to their website and order from there. The same goes for places like McDonalds or whatever you like best. There’s always a way to find quick food near me.

Many companies offer delivery to your home directly. Some of them (like Burger King for example) even provide an app to make the process as simple as possible. Even tipping is often integrated.

Obviously, ordering fast food is not always necessarily a “warm” meal. You can just as well order sandwiches directly from Subway whilst having a break from work. Or, if you have the time, you can decide to visit their dine-in. If they’re nearby, that’s maybe your fastest option.

5. JustEatTakeaway (Global) and Takeaway (Europe) is a website from which you can order loads of different fast food meals. You can select your country from their website after which you’ll be forwarded to that specific domestic order page. They’re all part of a similar concept with most of their partners residing in Europe. But they’re also available in the US. is kind of the same thing. However, their website only forwards people to 14 European countries and Israel. In a way this website merges with JustEatTakeaway and I can totally understand why people get confused. I tried them in the Netherlands and in Germany. Whilst I was staying in the Netherlands I was forwarded to “” and in Germany the website I was sent to was called “”. So please, don’t think you’re doing it wrong, this process goes automatic.

fast food near me option 5

Bonus: My Private Fast Food Kitchen

For those who follow my fast food journey, you probably already know how I’m slowly shifting towards self-made snacks in order to save some money. Of course, I do grab a tasty cheeseburger or a slice of pizza every now and then. Especially after a night of clubbing with friends. However, I do find it very fascinating how easy it has gotten to actually prepare extremely tasty finger food at the comfort of my own home.

My kitchen isn’t big, which is why I focus on small gear. One of my favorites is my mini air fryer. This is a link to my review where I also share my Top 5 snacks from this machine. But there’s more. I recently dedicated a separate article towards sandwich makers that do all the hard work for you. Yes, even eggs and bacon and all those tasty ingredients are possible to include. Then for our “sweet-tasters” I reviewed the mini donut maker, or if you have kids you might want to consider one of the available mini waffle makers. The list is literally endless.

Done-for-you snacks from your local supermarket (that are meant to be heated up or air fried) aren’t necessarily less tasty than the ones you get from a fast food chain. I agree, most of the time these restaurants have the skills to create the magic, but adding some spices to my own creations does really help. To save some money I try to buy them in bigger bags and store them in my freezer or mini fridge. Last but not least: If you want to go the extra mile, take a look at all my fast food decoration ideas and gadgets. A little private restaurant isn’t too far away.

Coupon Codes

In addition to my money saving tips, don’t forget that there could be some coupon codes available. A simple online search will most likely do the trick, but I’ll add a link below. You’ll find deals for many popular brands and they tell you exactly what percentage the code will deduct from your bill. Please keep in mind that sometimes they require you to order a minimum amount before the code is applicable. But hey, if you don’t try you’ll never know.

fast food nearby coupon codes



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