10 Fast Food Decoration Ideas For Home And Kitchen

fast food decoration ideas

Even though fast food restaurants can be a treat once in a while, let’s face it: It’s probably not the smartest thing to visit them too often. Not only because of small nutritional value (I mean, some do offer tacos and salads which could be an exception), but also to save money. Then there’s the issue of noise and waiting in line, or maybe even being stuck in a drive-thru.

In other words, if you’re a fast food enthusiast, why not create your own little food corner? Not only do you get to enjoy that “fast food feeling” whenever you wish, but it also allows you to have that nutritious recipe in a “snacky environment”. I recently got a few hot dog plates, because we usually have “Hot Dog Sunday” here at home. However, while doing some research, I figured there’s so much to choose from! So let’s get a glimpse of what’s actually out there.

Dinner Plates

I know, we first need to decorate our table, but I get to that in just a second. I just really wanted to start with these cute dinner plates (sorry, can’t help myself). There are way more to choose from, but these are my Top 5 picks within that same selection. They also have ice cream, tapas, cakes, donuts, happy hour and more.

These porcelain plates are available in 6, 8 and 10 inches, and even in sets of 6 if you’re a big family. If you get a pack of 6 there’s some discount (at the time of writing this). One thing to know about porcelain is it’s wear resistant surface.

Downside? Well, almost 20 bucks isn’t exactly cheap. But I get it, if you want something original, there’s a price to pay. But quality ceramic lasts for years to come. Want to serve that cheeseburger in style? Maybe go for the burger version.

fast food decoration tip 1



Food Baskets and Liners

Allright, so now that we took care of the plates, let’s start decorating! Chances are you’ll be serving some snacks or finger food, maybe as a starter or as a side dish. Especially if you have visitors, this could work really well. Having dinner by yourself? Well, you probably don’t need this in the first place. But hey, remember, I’m trying to share all the options out there. And decoration does actually affect our sensation of taste!

So, a set of these 12 red baskets will cost you around 10 bucks. A set of 36 liners is around 8 bucks. So again, the question remains, do we really need them? In my opinion this definitely is a way to create that “McDonald’s feeling” at home! It’s just a question of spending those extra bucks or not.

fast food buckets

Tip: If this is your style of decoration, check out my tablecloth further down below. Yes, creating your own little restaurant is a never ending story. I mean, kids will love their birthday big time! They’re great for serving donuts and other treats as well. They’re also helpful for people who use a mini donut maker whenever they throw a party.

fast food decoration tip 2



Taco Holders

For all taco lovers out there (including myself big time), here’s a fun and helpful gadget to absolutely impress. Well, not only to impress, but also to make things as convenient as possible. Taco’s can be messy, and they’ll probably stay a messy meal, but serving them in one of these holders is a delight!

A set of 6 is around 15 bucks. I never made 18 taco’s simultaneously, but if you have kids or if you throw a party this should do the trick. There are a few cheaper options out there, but I figured that 15 bucks and up is about average if you want something that lasts.

fast food taco holders

These holders are microwave and dishwasher proof. They’re able to hold large taco’s! If somehow you manage to create the biggest taco ever, you can still use the outer 2 placeholders.

fast food decoration tip 3



Taco Bar

To stay on the taco topic, and I’ll keep this short and sweet, check out this adorable taco bar. Yes, this is definitely luxury. But it allows your visitors to customize their tacos (which means less kitchen time for yourself)! Tortilla holders are included. Want to go that extra mile? Got 30 bucks spare? Well, I hereby declare you the “Taco Master”.

fast food taco bar

The holders itself are available in different colors. Furthermore, they’re dishwasher and oven proof. There’s a small area for dip sauce, but yes, it’s probably best to provide plates.

fast food decoration tip 4



French Fries Cup Holder

Want to serve french fries in “fast food style”? Well, you can’t go wrong with these paper cup holders. Not only fries, you can just as well use them for other snacks like popcorn for example (feel free to also read my article about popcorn carts). Sure, kids will love them, but so will adults. Remember, the way you serve a meal has a direct effect on how someone enjoys it. If it catches the eye, our taste buds will react accordingly.

The questions that remains is this: Do you really need them? I think probably not. However, will they add to the excitement? In my opinion definitely! It’s all a matter of personal taste, and whether or not you’re willing to pay 20 bucks for a pack of 50 pieces. You won’t be able to use them twice.In other words, this is all about decoration and joy!

fast food fries cup

I think these “neutral color” cups will match most home decors, but there are different colors and patterns available. Just scroll through your options in case you decide to check them out.

fast food decoration tip 5



Cups with Lids

Whether it’s a milkshake, a smoothie or any other drink, these plastic transparent cups will get the party started. You can add the lid if you want, or add a colorful straw to make things more appealing. Takeaway, anyone?

For around 30 bucks you’ll get 100 of these cups, including the lids. There’s a small “x-shaped” opening on top for straws. There are smaller sets available if you scroll through the page I share from the link below. When it comes to this specific set, you get to select different sizes.

fast food cups

You can go as wild as you wish. I mean, you can even add ice cubes or fruits. If you have a smoothie mixer that’s even better, or how about a milkshake machine?

fast food decoration tip 6




This is one of my favorite gadgets on my list. Simply because a single tablecloth can already make a huge difference. They’re 54 x 108 inches which is probably enough for most tables. There are round ones out there as well. Some people bring one whenever they go for a picnic.

So this set in particular comes with 6 tablecloths and usually sells for just over 10 bucks. I wouldn’t recommend using them multiple times, even though it depends on the mess you made. But they’re simple to fold and to get rid of. Easy cleaning after a birthday party!

fast food tablecloth

If you don’t want 6 pieces, don’t worry. There are some smaller packages to be found as well. The smalles amount I could find at this point is a pack of 2, but that’s at the time of writing this list. Whatever amount you choose, this will bring that “Burger King atmosphere” right into your kitchen.

fast food decoration tip 7



Napkin Dispenser

Even though I personally like the more “retro styled” napkin dispensers, there are a lot of different models and designs to choose from. Whatever your taste, I’m pretty sure your table will invite people to take a seat. Gadgets, especially appealing ones, do often grab the attention (and they can even be a fun conversation starter). This is the Coke napkin dispenser, but like I said, choose one that matches your fast food decoration desires best. I also share a retro mini fridge to possibly check out.

This dispenser is around 25 bucks. Definitely not a necessary gadget considering the fact that you can simply put napkins directly on the table. But yeah, it’s fun to grab one from these dispensers. They’re especially handy when having finger food, like chicken nuggets for example. Do you or your friends like Chick-Fil-A? Well, give it a go at home!

fast food napkin dispenser

There are a few similar ones for half the price, so make sure you scroll through the entire list of options.

fast food decoration tip 8



Waiter Costume

Do you need one? Probably not. Do you want one? Well, who knows! I mean, talking about “dress to impress”, this waiter costume could be that last finishing touch. This one in particular is made for adults, but there are so many costumes to choose from. I listed 8 more in my fast food costumes ideas. In order to copy this look you’ll need a white shirt and black pants (but of course you can be as creative as you want).

For just over 20 bucks this costume is an “average priced item”. There’s one for women as well for the same price. There are cheaper ones, but they usually don’t provide that typical fast food look.

fast food waiter costume

Fun Fact: The little order book is included, which means you get to take the orders right at your own kitchen table. Now you know how hard waiters at Wendy’s for example actually work!

fast food decoration tip 9



Mesh Food Covers

Enjoying your tasty snacks outside? Well, don’t worry about any nasty insects tasting your food anymore. Of course you could use the famous electric fly swatter, or one of those bug repellent candles, but do they always work?

A set of 6 will cost you around 15 bucks. There’s a set of 12 as well, but it all depends on how many treats you’re planning to serve. Not only do these mesh food covers do the trick, they look pretty professional as well if you ask me. No pizza for the outdoor life!

fast food mesh covers

These covers are collapsible, which means you get to store them efficiently. This also makes them easy to take with you on a camping trip (or traveling in general).

fast food decoration tip 10



Final Thoughts

Fast food decoration ideas are almost endless. I mean, I’ve just shown you my Top 10, but you can go as far as you like. From decorative balloons to exclusive frying pans or mini waffle makers. These tips are meant to get you started, and to show you some of the available products out there. A long story short: Your own fast food can be very tasty, but how far are you willing to go in regards to making it more fun? Something to think about.

My collection of decorative gear is also a motivation to prepare a tasty snack from the comfort of my own home. In stead of searching for fast food near me I ended up preparing it myself. Which is good because I need to keep an eye on my budget.

More fast food restaurant interior designs (for inspiration) can be found here. However, let me say this: Those are meant for doing it the “professional style”.

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