Fast Food Costumes: My Personal 8 Favorites

fast food costumes ideas

I touched on this topic before in my fast food decoration ideas, but it’s time to dedicate a separate article about fast food costumes. Do you need one? Probably not. Do you want one? Maybe. Do they look fun? Absolutely!

Fast Food Costumes Inspiration

Whether it’s for a party, a present or personal fun at home…any fast food lover will probably enjoy to show off his or her favorite snack. I made sure to add some matching ones in case you’re attending the party as a couple.

1. Ketchup And Mustard Costume

This is a set for 2 people which includes both the costumes and the hats. For about $37.00 it could be an affordable way to dress up if you split the costs. Here’s some advise:

Make sure to cold hand wash these costumes. Furthermore, please note that the height of the costume is around 70 inches (180cm). However, they’re still within the “one size fits most adults” range. More details about sizing can be found from the link I share below.

One big advantage of this costume is its “simplicity”. Compared to some other products, this one in particular isn’t a big hassle to wear. It doesn’t take too much space and there’s a small chance of feeling hot. You can still take off the hat every now and then. I like it!

costume 1

More details can be found at Amazon from this link.

2. Hotdog Costume

If you’re a follower of the site, you’re probably aware that I’m a big hotdog fan. I once covered the hotdog history, but now it’s time for a hotdog costume!

This one in particular is meant for adults, but there are some available for children as well. Here are some details to be aware of:

Make sure to cold hand wash only and leave the costume to dry afterwards. Both men and women will look absolutely stunning in this one size fits all (or should I say most) suit. You can grab one for about $24.00.

costume 2

More details can be found at Amazon from this link.

3. Wine And Cheese Costume

Here’s another fun option for couples. Are you the kind of person who enjoys a late night moment of cheese and wine? Well, who knows you’d like to show it off.

Both costumes are meant to fit most adults. For $38.00 they cost about the same as the ketchup and mustard version I showed you before.

I’m not sure whether or not the wine costume will make you sweat. Make sure to go through some of the reviews in case you have any unanswered questions. All together a fun and appealing suit!

costume 3

More details can be found at Amazon from this link.

4. Burger Costume

Are you known for your love for Burger King or any other fast food chain that serves burgers or cheeseburgers? Who knows this costume is just what you’ve been looking for.

This suit is made of foam. Make sure to hand wash only! Even though it looks as if it’s uncomfortable, if I understood correctly this costume provides easy to fit arm holes.

For $23.00 it’s about the same price as the hotdog version. I don’t know which one I like better, guess it’s a matter of “taste”.

costume 4

More details can be found at Amazon from this link.

5. Pancakes Costume

This is another appealing suit for anyone who enjoys pancakes. There actually is a waffles version as well in case you’re looking for a matching costume.

Compared to some other products this one in particular is a little cheaper. You can grab one for around $12.00. It’s delivered in one size so make sure to go through some of the details before purchasing.

If you’re a breakfast lover, another idea would be to check out the bacon and egg costumes. I’m just saying.

costume 5

More details can be found at Amazon from this link.

6. Popcorn Costume

If you’re a popcorn fan, feel free to also read my interesting facts about popcorn. If that’s not enough, how about my popcorn cart review? For now, let’s stick with this costume.

It’s a one size that sells for around $34.00. Make sure to hand wash only in order to wear it multiple times. If I understood correctly you put it on like a pullover.

In my opinion this is something “different” and worth to check out if you enjoy popcorn. Just make sure to check if the size fits your body type.

costume 6

More details can be found at Amazon from this link.

7. Taco Costume

If you enjoy a tasty taco as much as I do, you might want to have a look at my surprising taco facts. For anyone who’d like to express their taste, maybe this costume will do the trick. First of all, you’re able to grab one in both a standard and a large version. Just select your size.

It’s advised to wash this polyester costume only by hand. This gadget consists of only 1 piece. You can simply put it on like you would with any other shirt. These costumes sell for around 25-40 bucks. A little more expensive than some of the other gear I listed on this page, but well, I guess it’s up to you to determine if it’s worth a purchase.

In my opinion this would look awesome on a party. However, I wouldn’t wear it to a Taco Bell restaurant.

funny taco costume

More details can be found at Amazon from this link.

8. Pizza Costume

These pizza costumes sell as a single piece, I just liked this picture of a couple to showcase how it looks. In other words, they sell for around 30 bucks for 1, not 2. Keep that in mind.

I wrote some pizza articles myself, like my surprising pizza facts and also my story about how Italians eat pizza. Anyway, if you’re a pizza lover, maybe this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Make sure to wash it by hand in order to enjoy it for years to come.

There’s not a whole lot to mention, this could look great on both men and women. This one in specific is meant for adults, but you can always do a little research to figure out what else is out there.

pizza costume for adults

More details can be found at Amazon from this link.

Final Thoughts

If you scroll through Amazon you will find loads of different fast food costumes. I mean, there’s so much to choose from like this peanut butter and jelly sandwich for couples. Even if you don’t intend to grab one, it’s still fun to just take a look. People are creative! Another site to consider visiting is this Halloween costumes website.

Furthermore, if you’re planning a party to wear these costumes at, consider to also read my article about fast food decoration ideas for living rooms and kitchens. You’ll have your own little restaurant in no-time. A fun way to celebrate a birthday or a graduation.

I hope you enjoyed my list! Personally I did have my share of fun creating it. It’s something I was planning to do for a while, but times were busy lately. But here you go! And if you decide to dress up, I wish you a great time!

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