14 Interesting and Surprising Facts About Domino’s Pizza

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If you love Domino’s pizza, you’re certainly not alone. Domino’s has been around since 1960 and is still making (and delivering) hot delicious pizzas in a total of 90 countries. Did you know they have more than 6400 franchises in the United States alone?

Domino’s also serves many other items, including appetizers, salads, and desserts. Regardless of the type of pizza you want, Domino’s can fix it for you. If you’d like to learn more about this pizza chain, let me help you out.

1. Is Domino’s Fast Food?

Yes, Domino’s is considered fast food. Once you placed your order, you don’t have to wait too long to receive your meal. Most people order Domino’s for delivery, which usually is extremely fast as well.

Very few Domino’s restaurants have dine-in areas, but the company does offer delivery and curbside pickup. Even though Domino’s is considered fast food, that doesn’t mean you’re not getting a delicious hot pizza whenever you order from them.

2. Is Domino’s Pizza Junk Food?

While some people may consider Domino’s junk food, technically they’re not. Junk food typically refers to food with low nutritional value, usually consumed as a “snack item”. While you can certainly enjoy many of Domino’s items as snacks, their pizzas don’t fall into the category of junk food. They use fresh ingredients which I explain in just a moment.

3. Why is Domino’s So Popular?

One of the many reasons why Domino’s Pizza is so popular, is because they’re clearly one of the cheapest pizza places around. They offer hot, delicious pizza of all types but charge a lot less than some other pizza restaurants. When you add their special deals and discounts, you’ll quickly understand why Domino’s is one of the most popular pizza chains on the planet.

4. Is Domino’s Good?

The main reason why people love Domino’s pizza so much, is because both their dough and the ingredients used on the pizzas are fresh. Their dough is never frozen and their fresh veggies include baby spinach, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, onions, diced tomatoes, and black olives.

You can taste the difference with the very first bite. Once you get used to pizzas with fresh ingredients, you probably don’t want to have them any other way. That’s my experience.

5. Are Domino’s Ingredients Fresh?

Yes, Domino’s ingredients are always fresh. This includes not just their pizzas but their other dishes as well. Their pork, poultry, and beef are all fresh and purchased from local farmers.

The company recently conducted a year-long marketing campaign to show people that they only use real foods in their products and nothing processed. Fresh ingredients are the backbone of the company and one of the reasons for its huge success.

6. Are Domino’s Wings Breaded?

Domino’s wings are lightly breaded and then baked, so even people who are on low-carb diets can eat them. The restaurant just put their chicken wings through a transformation: They are now lighter, crispier, and some even say bigger than before.

The breading is light enough that some people barely taste it. There’s absolutely no thick, heavy breading or seasonings put on the wings before they are cooked.

7. Does Domino’s Bake or Fry Their Wings?

Domino’s bakes all of their chicken wings after lightly breading them. They are baked to order and come in flavors that include plain, sweet mango habanero, hot Buffalo, honey barbecue, garlic parmesan, and even boneless wings. They use special blends of spices and herbs to get the wings to taste just about right. They never fry them, which means you get to enjoy their natural goodness every time.

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8. Are Domino’s Sandwiches Good?

Domino’s puts as much time into their sandwiches as they do with their pizzas. In fact, more and more customers are choosing Domino’s simply because they have such yummy sandwiches, and a good variety too!

Some of their sandwiches include Italian, Philly cheese steak, Buffalo chicken, chicken parmesan, Mediterranean veggie, and chicken habanero. Whether you like your sandwiches spicy or plain, you’ll probably find one that matches your taste.

9. Are Domino’s Salads Good?

Just as with all of their other dishes, Domino’s only uses fresh ingredients to make their salads. So yes, people do indeed love them. They have two types of salad. One is a classic garden salad and the other is a chicken Caesar salad. There are various salad dressings available as well. If you’re trying to eat wisely, Domino’s salads could be a great pick.

10. Are Domino’s Lava Cakes Good?

According to most customers, Domino’s lava cakes are “excellent.” If you’re a chocolate lover, you owe it to yourself to try them. They start with a chocolate cake with a light crispy crunch, after which they fill the inside with warm, gooey chocolate. It’s an absolute delight and a chocolate-lover’s dream. Lava cakes are pretty large, which means they can be shared by 2 or even more people.

11. Does Domino’s Charge for Extra Sauce?

If you want extra sauce on your pizza, Domino’s won’t charge for that. When you order chicken wings, you automatically get one sauce. However, extra sauces could indeed cost you a little extra for wings.

Their dipping sauces include marinara sauce and a tasty garlic sauce. They even offer an icing dipping sauce to add to some of their desserts. The average cost of an extra container of sauce is roughly 60 cents.

12. Does Domino’s Charge Extra for Delivery?

Domino’s does indeed charge for delivery, but the amount depends on whether you order directly from them or use a food-delivery service. For the most part, the average delivery fee is around $3. However, it could be more or even less depending on where you live and how you’re ordering.

13. Is Domino’s Tracker Accurate?

One of Domino’s customers’ favorite things about the company, besides their yummy food, is the Tracker feature on their website. This feature allows you to see where your pizza is located at any given time The vast majority of customers believe that their Tracker feature is very accurate indeed.

In fact, customers love looking at their screen and being able to tell how long it’ll take before their pizza arrives. And I agree, it just gives you something to look forward to! Especially when you’re very hungry.

14. Does Domino’s Accept 50- or 100-Dollar Bills?

Domino’s does accept 50- and 100-dollar bills, as long as they have enough money in the cash register to give you your change. Most of the time, this is not a problem. However, at certain times of the day it can be a bit more challenging. For example, when they first open up in the morning they could be low on cash. During the day this changes as more people come to their restaurant and pay with “small money”. I’d say, just ask them.

In addition, if you want to pay with cash on delivery, it’s best to let them know ahead of time so that the driver will bring the right amount of change.

Fun Fact: Did you know there are actual pizza socks?

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Final Thoughts

Fast food pizza restaurants like Domino’s can be a real treat if you’re a fan of this Italian food. I personally enjoy their pizza whenever I feel like a quick meal. But I also appreciate Pizza Hut. I think they’re both just as good. However, a typical Italian restaurant with the (often) Italian waiters and waitresses make en evening out just a little more “complete”. Well, for me. If you feel the same, consider to also read my article: How do Italians eat pizza.

For all you pizza lovers out there, consider to also read my frequently asked questions about pizza.

I totally understand that there are more questions about Domino’s, but I had to stick to just a few. If you need to know more, I guess you could ask them directly from their website. They’re friendly people and always willing to help. Well, enjoy your pizza!

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